My SoundTracker resouces

Here is my collection of resources related to SoundTracker and maybe the tracker music in general. The site is under the permament construction and will be updated time to time. The main ST site is here.

Stable release

Currently it is 0.6.8. Currently there are 2 patches from Willy Foobar avaliable for this release: #1 and #2 (these patches fix compilation warnings and probably JACK driver crash occasionally reported by various persons but still not reproduced by me). These patches are slightly adjusted by me to be applyable with usual "patch" command. Sure cuurent release contains some bugs (the bug list is TODO for me, some info can be found at XM effects description).

Gtk+-2 port

The work is still under the progress. The current code snapshot is here. It's in general working and even sometimes usable :), but still there is much work to finish the port.

The main things are to do to finish the port are: